Work Flow : Capture, Editing, Post-Production

Subscription Service Details

The subscription service is easy to use and understand. You pay $70.00US for the first month and $8.00US for additional months - cancel anytime. You will have download access the entire library of tutorials 24/7. We will keep you informed of any new tutorials available through a special subscribers newsletter (new tutorials are released aprox once every three months).

All you need is valid paypal account or credit card / bankcard to access the files. For security reasons you will be required to use your paypal account or credit card / bankcard to initiate any download. A small fee (0.01) will apply. This helps keep content available for subscribers only .

Complete instructions will be provided once you sign up. Canceling your subsription is easy and can be done at anytime. You simply log into your paypal account and cancel the subscription on your end - no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I purchase a full download painting tutorial, can I re-download it later?

Yes, just contact our support department and we will reactivate the link for you.

If I have trouble downloading a miniature painting tutorial can I change my order to have it shipped?

Yes, just contact our support department and we will ship out a copy of the DVD to you. Shipping and Handling charges may apply.

What do I need to view the DVD tutorials?

You may view the DVD disc on any standard DVD player. The disc is not region coded so it should work anywhere in the world. However, the content is formatted for North American Television (NTSC). If you live in an area with another television standard (i.e. PAL or SECAM in Europe and Japan) your player may or may not be able to play the disc depending on how old your DVD player is (90% of all European DVD players can play NTSC video). If it does not work, you can view the content on your computer screen by inserting the DVD into any standard computer DVD drive. Note that X-box and Play Station may not be able to play consumer DVD-R discs that are Region 0 encoded.

I didn't get my links - what should I do ?!?

Don't worry. Everyone gets what they paid for. We understand the frustration of purchasing goods online without any face-to-face interation. If you don't get your links automatically within 10 mins contact our support department and we'll send them manually. However, please be aware that since we're not in the office at all times during the day this can take upto 24 hours. But again, you'll get your links guaranteed. 

What is the difference between the downloaded videos and the DVDs?

The only difference is the compression technology used to deliever the content. DVD's use a codec called MPEG-2 and the downloadable videos use Apple's H.264 codec. In terms of image quality there is virtually no difference between the two. H.264 is the standard codec used to encode high definition video delievered on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray disc. The only requirement to play the downloads is the free Apple Quick Time Player or the VLC Player. We reccomend using the VLC Player for smooth playback experience and Quicktime for video quality. The QuickTime Player tends to have slower playback which has not been adressed in version 7.4.

Can I order outside the US and Canada?

Yes, we offer world wide delivery. Just note that orders outside the US/Canda may take longer to recieve depending on your country's Customs Policy. Alternatively you may purchase certain tutorials as downloadable products and save the shipping charges, not to mention recieving the content immediatley.

When does the order ship?

We ship the orders the next business day. We use Regular USPS Mail which does not provide tracking numbers.

Do your DVD products come with a Limited Warranty?

Miniature Mentor guarantees, with limitations, all its products against manufacturing defects and workmanship. If it is determined that such a defect exists Miniature Mentor will send you a new disc free of charge.

Total liability as a result of defective products shall in no event exceed the original purchase price of the defective product. Also, this warranty does not apply if the product was not purchased directly from Miniature Mentor as new.

What is your return Policy?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of digital content and the ease of duplication we do not offer refunds on any of our products. If your purchase suffers from defects please see our Warranty Policy.

DVD and Download System Requirements

  • DVD - 400 MHz Pentium 2 processor
    Download - 2 Ghz Pentium 4 processor
  • DVD - 128MB RAM
    Download - 512 MB RAM
  • DVD - 16 MB video card
    Download - 64 MB video card
  • All Operating Systems supported
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • We reccomend having at least 1280x720 pixels of resolution for your monitor. Many of the files are in HD.
  • Use VLC Player for all of your viewing for both DVD and downloaded videos.

Equipment List

Miniature Mentor reccomends the following great products.

Rackham studios specializes in the designing and manufacturing of high quality minis based on imaginary universes. Check out their exclusive line of beautifully crafted miniatures at

Citadel produces an extensive range of paints and inks specially formulated for painting miniatures. Citadel acrylic paints and inks are water-soluble and non-toxic, so they are safe and clean to use.

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